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Cloud Computing What is cloud computing ? Many people have this question in their minds that what is cloud computing ?

and how it works? And what money we pay to use this service and so many other questions related cloud computing. In this modern era, we see many technology discoveries. Basically the main reason of these discoveries is humans. So cloud computing is also a great example from discoveries of this modern era. Basically the main work of cloud computing is storing and accessing programs and data over the internet.before cloud computing came into the existence we all save our data and programs on our computer’s hard drive. But nowadays this work is done through cloud and no need to buy several hard drives for storing our data and programs. In simple words we can say that cloud computing like a virtual storage. Which is given by the companies or other institutions. The most famous and the biggest example of cloud computing is amazon.com. basically amazon not only gives this service except this cloud computing is mostly popularized by amazon.com and it known by normal people only by the help of amazon.com . There are so many benefits of the cloud computing are as follows. Cost Speed Performance Global scale Productivity Reliability Security These are only 7 benefits of cloud except these there are so many other benefits of cloud. Due to these benefits many big organizations and industries use cloud. Types of cloud computing As like the benefits of cloud there are also not only one kind of cloud computing but there are 4 types of cloud. So before choose any cloud you have to know about your requirements and what service you have to make on cloud and what the factors that you want in your cloud. Because not one type of cloud computing is right for everyone. So before select and cloud you must have to check the above listed things. Public cloud Hybrid cloud Private cloud Community Cloud Public Cloud- basically as by the name of this cloud computing . we can easily understand that this type of cloud is used by public freely. The best and the most popular example of this cloud is Microsoft azure. It is operated and owned by the cloud provider. All the things like software, hardware and other supporting infrastructure is manged by the cloud provider. We can use this service and manage our account through the web browsers. Private cloud- from the name of this cloud we can understand that this cloud is not for public and not for everyone rather than this cloud is used and owned by companies and organizations for there official use only. And the infrastructure and services are maintainted on a private network. Sometimes the organizations also pay the third party (cloud provider) to host these clouds. Hybrid cloud- basically this cloud combine private and public clouds together through technology that allows applications and data to be shared between them. This cloud gives the more flexibility to your business. Community Cloud- Basically this type is use by organizations. From the above information about cloud computing hope we clear all your doubts about cloud computing. Still if you have any other question regarding this topic in your mind just freely comment below we try to answer all your queries related cloud. If you enjoy our this article on cloud computing share this with your friends and other who want to know about cloud.