Epic War 4

Epic War 4


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- left and right arrow to move camera stage - a to select all, s to select all hero, d to select all units - 1-6 hotkeys for spell - qwertyuio hotkeys for units - space bar to confirm units / spells placement - p to pause - go to option page at map to mute - revenge waves can be found at hard and epic mode - up and down arrow keys to move the turret if you feel the game doesnt require skill, try hard and epic mode.

Game Details

I recently bought the rights to the Epic War series, and will remake the games outside of Flash and eventually release them on Steam and mobile. If you want to keep up-to-date on our progress, join the official Epic War Discord server: https://discord.gg/sX2yYvb More information: https://youtu.be/GI1Kxp_fJEQ

Date Added: 2024-03-16

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